Back In Town

Back In Town is a game I made for the Unity Game Scripting course at my study. The game is (obviously) made in Unity. My goal was to create a game with that’s easy to play but hard to master. The goal of the game is to survive as many waves of zombies as possible. Throughout the game the player will have to make a lot of decisions, for example: buy a machine gun so you can deal more damage or first unlock the health pickup so you can regenerate your health each round.



I spend a lot of time on the level design for the map. All 3D objects are free assets for the Unity Asset Store. I tried to give the game a dark cartoony look, I think the game looks really cool with all the ambient lighting. The post-processing effects help with giving the game a nice mood.

The map consists of 4 areas. The Main area is where you start, a small field with a tent in the middle, crowd control in this area isn’t great but it’s good enough for the first few rounds. You can unlock all the other areas with the money you gain by killing zombies. The Farm is a really big open cornfield, in this area is also a place where you can buy a machine gun and refill ammo. Rocks is a small area where you can pick up a free health pickup at the beginning of each new wave. The town is a path between Main and Rocks. Once you’ve unlocked both Town and Rocks you have a really nice route to walk around, this is really great for crowd control.

Back In Town Map


I already had a lot of experience with Unity and C# so scripting this game wasn’t really difficult for me. I started with creating player movement and shooting mechanics, then I created the zombie AI’s and a spawn system. Every new wave the zombie amount and spawn-time (between zombies) increases. If you unlock other areas you also unlock more different zombie-spawners, this will not increase the amount of zombies. More zombie-spawners will only divide the zombies over a bigger area. 

A lot of effort was put into polishing the game. I added a lot of sound effects, most of them are from my audio libraries I collected. I combined a lot of different sounds together to create new sounds in FL Studio. I also made the particles effect for the barriers and the health pickup myself.


map without Lighting - Stefan Volkers
The map without any lighting and effects

I developed the game on my main computer (GTX 1080, i7 7820X), and I didn’t any trouble with playing the game. At a certain point, I did a playtest on my laptop (GTX 1060, i7-8750H) and it didn’t even run stable at 60fps. I realized I went a bit overboard with all the objects and effects, I implemented occlusion culling and this already helped a lot. I also noticed that a few of the houses I used had a really huge poly count (400k+ tris per house), so I removed a lot of unnecessary things from the houses: back walls, interior, detailed stone walls, etc.  

The overall development took about 100 hours. I had a lot of fun developing the game and I am satisfied with the final result. The game is pretty fun to play. Once I have more time I will maybe add even more features in the game like more different weapons, explosives and weapon upgrades.  After 12 waves the game gets too repetitive and difficult because you have unlocked all items, I think that having more and stronger unlockables will make the late-game more fun.