Sift - Eight week CMGT project

In the second year of my study at CMGT I had an eight-week long team project. During the eight weeks we have been working on Sift, a game for in the Oyfo museum in Hengelo. The goal of the game is to teach children about ocean pollution and recycling.

Our team consisted of four artists, three designers and me, the only engineer. I was responsible for all the functionality in the game. The game is made in Unity 2019.3. The main functionality of the game consists of:

  • Single fish AI (for fish that swim alone)
  • Fish Boids AI (for fish flocking behavior)
  • Player movement
  • Trash wave spawner
  • Inventory and power ups
  • Boss-fight
  • Leader board system
  • Multi language system
During the project I’ve also made multiple custom tools that the designers can use to balance the game. For example, there’s a wave spawning system with scriptable objects. The designers can easily setup multiple waves with different kinds of trash, spawn speeds and randomness settings. 

Fish AI

The biggest challenge for me was the artificial intelligence fish. I wanted to have a real aquarium feeling in our game with fish behaving in different interesting ways. I spend a lot of time optimizing the AI to make it both look interesting and be performance friendly. I’m extremely satisfied with how it turned out.



Even though the corona we had great communication in our team. And as a team we’ve made a game that we are all proud of. We finished the final project of our year with a 10. Checkout my team members: