Stickity - The Arcade Project

In the third quartile of my study, we had a two week long full-time project where we had to create an arcade game. As an engineer, I was responsible for all the coding. The arcade game, named Stickity, is built with the engine provided by our school: “GXPEngine”.

GXPEngine has the core features for a basic 2D engine. The engine lacks a lot of important features to create a good game. This way the students get challenged to create a lot themselves. The biggest challenge for me was to write a simple physics engine. The game is heavily based on physics and until then I didn’t have a lot of experience with writing game physics.


I also implemented Tiled editor support, so my designer could play around with the game mechanics and level design. With the properties in Tiled, he could change sprites into bouncy, burning and moving surfaces. Via a .JSON file he could change gameplay settings so he didn’t have to touch a single line of actual code.

The arcade machine was provided by our school, but we did had to make the controller and the side printings by our self. 

We put a lot of effort into this game resulting in sleepless nights. We won out of all the 31 teams. This project was so much fun and we are extremely satisfied with the game we made in only 2 weeks time. 

Stickity Prototypes - Stefan Volkers
The team behind the arcade game Stickity - Stefan Volkers
Our team
Stickity Arcade Machine Stefan Volkers
The Arcade machine with our custom controller and side prints
The team, left to right